New! Artisan Portuguese Ice Creams: Authentic and delicious!

Nata On The Go is partnering with Gelados de Portugal (Artisan Portuguese Ice Creams) making available authentic flavours of traditional Portuguese confectionery in the form of delicious ice creams.

The production process respects the principles of the best ice cream, valuing above all the original flavor and texture of the ingredients. For this purpose, fruit is included in recipes at the expense of pulps and incorporate a low percentage of air inclusion. For this reason the ice creams are denser and creamy than most, resulting in more genuine and intense flavours.

Good ice creams start with Good ingredients 

Made only with natural fruit, without artificial flavors and colors and low percentage of air incorporation.

Fruit without heat treatment: the fruit is only placed in the base of the ice cream after it is completely cold. Thus, it keeps its vitamins and the flavor of the ice cream is more intense!


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