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We deliver the world famous Pasteis de Nata, the traditional Portuguese custard tart. Our food truck is filled with the dangerously delicious, crispy and flaky puff pastry. Have a go at Portugal’s most delicious sweet pasty treat, considered one of the 50 “Best things to eat” in the world.

Authentic Natas

You might think that one would be enough, but there’s something addictive about Pastel de Nata. Have it with a delicious and warm coffee brewed in Portugal and make your day a little bit sweeter.

NataOnTheGo News

New! Artisan Portuguese Ice Creams: Authentic and delicious!

Nata On The Go is partnering with Gelados de Portugal (Artisan Portuguese Ice Creams) making available authentic flavours of traditional Portuguese confectionery in the form of delicious ice creams. The production process respects the principles of the best ice cream, valuing above all the original flavor and texture of...

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Nata Kiosk launched at Highcross Leicester

We are proudly announcing the Opening of Nata Kiosk at Highcross Leicester Shopping Centre.  We’ve opened our doors to the public 26 April 2021 and are very proud indeed. The Nata Kiosk will be open from 9.30am – 7pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 7pm on Saturday and 11am...

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Making the World a Sweeter Place!

We are proud to inform that NataOnTheGo is launching the first Food Truck, located in Peterborough, at the entrance of the Serpentine Green Shopping Center, 8am to 5pm.

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NataOnTheGo Gallery

Making the World a Sweeter Place!
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